Miscellaneous Works

Mini Projects


When ideating for Align, I thought about the essence of a table, simply an elevated surface. How could I achieve that goal while designing the base in a new way — one that harmonized the wood and metal components?

Align was my solution to this design challenge. It showcases a stained white oak exterior and a welded steel leg. It aligns perfectly to the side of a couch or lounge chair and allows space for everyday items.

The Midcentury Modern Stool

Mod’s dark and heavy looking form representing facing what you mentally perceive to be an overwhelming obstacle. However, if interacted with, it is thin, light on the inside, and strong to hold your weight, therefore representing mental strength and overcoming obstacles.

Solidworks and Keyshot Gallery

DeWalt Cord Drill Replica Model
Solidworks Modeling and Keyshot Rendering Exercise

Adidas Traxion Men’s Golf Shoe Replica Model
Solidworks Surfacing and Keyshot Rendering Exercise