Three Lessons I Learned on my Own in Design School

So far in design school, I’ve learned innumerable lessons ranging from soft skills to hard skills. I was taught these lessons by professors, alumni, professionals, mentors, and others. Besides the lessons that were taught to me, I learned… Read More

Raise your Hand or Fall Behind: Pressures on Female Students in Industrial Design Education

University Industrial Design (ID) education presents one of several challenges to female* students by its heavy reliance on individual initiative as a means for success in the major and field. To help secure opportunities in industrial design, design… Read More

Miscellaneous Works

DeWalt Cord Drill Replica Model | Solidworks Modeling and Keyshot Rendering Exercise Adidas Traxion Men’s Golf Shoe Replica Model | Solidworks Surfacing and Keyshot Rendering Exercise Align When ideating for Align, I thought about the essence of a… Read More

Wave Aloha

Product & System Solutionfor Air Travel Safety during COVID-19 How is travel to Hawaii changing due to COVID-19? Starting October 15, 2020, Hawaii issued an exception to the 14-day quarantine requirement that had been in effect since the… Read More

Why I’m Majoring in Industrial Design and Minoring in Political Theory

When I came to college, I enrolled in five engineering classes along with a Great Books seminar that was required for all Honors College students. It was taught by a tough professor that introduced me to the incredible… Read More

Why We Should Care about a Sustainable Future Beyond our Own

The need to develop a sustainable society and economy is reiterated among designers and others who care about the future of our planet. The Paris Agreement cites four important issues that threaten the future of the planet: human-generated… Read More


Hawaiian for ‘Island’ Professional Project for Moku, LLC My role was to help the manufacturers: 1. Visualize the retail kiosk. 2. Build it according to my assembly instructions. 1. Visualization achieved through a Virtual Reality Prototype I enabled… Read More


Team: Catherine Cunningham, Gerardo Chaparro, Karina Bhattacharya Biomimicry: Imitating Nature to Solve Human Problems We were inspired by the Maidenhair tree’s ability to offer streetside shade. When placed in urban areas, its shade temperatures decreased temperatures by 3°…. Read More


A Tool for the Traditional Papermaking Craft How is Paper Traditionally Made? Papermaking is a centuries-old art of beating pulp, incorporating it into a liquid mixture, and drawing a mould and deckle through the solution to form a… Read More


Reverse Engineering & Housing Design How do Popcorn Poppers Work? I took apart an existing popcorn popper, analyzed each component, and modeled the internals to scale in CAD using Solidworks. Housing Inspiration CONCAVE SHAPES | SMOOTH SURFACES |… Read More