Our sophomore studio was tasked with designing, manufacturing, and pricing a product to create in low-volume production for the Blaffer Art Museum shop.

I chose to design a recipe card holder as a gift.

Problem Statement

Current recipe boxes do not exceed expectations because they take up space and the recipe cards are not easy to browse and view.

How should recipe boxes be designed to save space, ease the browsing of recipes, and allow convenient display while cooking?


I started with the traditional recipe box and then explored other ways of recipe keeping.

I decided on a bound sheet-protected version with a foldable stand to allow easy viewing. The foldable stand can also be collapsed, making the booklet easy to store.

The booklet was made out of archive-quality materials secured by metal binding, allowing for its long-term use.

MaMade is a perfect gift for friends and family members who are eager to preserve their own recipes for daily meals or special occasions.

It brings together a community of friends and family to share recipes and bond over personalized cuisine.

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