MaMade (Startup)

Branding a Startup

Over the course of a startup weekend, my team of entrepreneurs and I created a startup focused on offering parents the option to order home-cooked meals from local chefs. I branded the startup to establish the concept for the team pitch.

Families in Houston prepare and sell ethnically based catering for other families in their communities. Could these local chefs provide home-cooked meals to other parents looking to feed their families?

MaMade was our solution as a platform for this system.

The parents we interviewed described the
struggles of feeding their families during a busy workweek.

We explored the dynamics of the two ends of the system: chefs and customers.

Our solution was a food delivery app that allowed parents to schedule a day of the week to order meals for their families.

Mamade offers a friendly mobile platform for parents to order homecooked meals for their families at their convenience.

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