Design + STEM in K-12 Education

DESIGN + helps students Grades 3-5 benefit from design education by learning critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving.


I worked with fifth grade students at a Houston elementary school to teach them a lesson about science and participate in a mini design project.

“Using the balloon’s energy, try to make the water bottle move on its own!”


The students quickly made associations with how the pieces interacted.
They learned from each other about what worked and didn’t work.
The right or wrong responses to the science principles helped them evaluate their work.

Design + is a reusable and affordable design toolkit that helps students Grades 3-5 learn new STEM concepts and the design thinking process.

Each piece is made of durable injection-molded ABS plastic.


Using the balloon’s energy, make the
water bottle move on its own!
Design a bench for two people.
Build a house with a window.
Bridge the gap between two desks.
Create a container that moves.
Build a tower 4 inches tall.
Make a flower and its vase.
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