Smart Safety Glasses

E-Commerce dominates the retail space. Customers are buying online and ordering packages to ship to their homes.

How can distribution centers keep up with the growing demand for packages?

Human Workers as Resources

Even as distribution centers turn to automated processes, human workers still serve critical functions by performing tasks that cannot be done by machines.

Put Away

Design a wearable that helps human workers perform essential functions in the warehouse.

Workers need help finding which box to pick.

“Picking” accounts for 40-50% of a distribution center’s annual operational costs.

Current Visual Assistants

As a hands-free solution, visual assistants could help workers quickly identify boxes to pick. However, augmented reality devices on the market are too bulky and distracting to workers.

An ergonomics study evaluated current devices concluding,

No productivity differences for the different design types. Participants disliked their options.

(Smith 2021)

Smart safety glasses could help workers identify specific barcodes of items on the shelf.

Minimize design components, eliminate visual stimuli, and utilize scanning and haptic feedback.


A smart wearable device that helps workers identify which items to pick.

Espire has a wide-angle camera that helps workers recognize barcodes from 2-3 feet away. Each pair is OSHA-certified as impact-resistant eye protection for any warehouse environment.