A Tool for the Traditional Papermaking Craft

How is Paper Traditionally Made?

Papermaking is a centuries-old art of beating pulp, incorporating it into a liquid mixture, and drawing a mould and deckle through the solution to form a sheet of paper. It is then pressed and dried.

What is a Mould and Deckle?

A mould and deckle is a set of frames with a screen in between. The framed screen forms the sheet of paper and filters out the liquid.

Handling the Standard Mould and Deckle


Current beginner mould and deckles are difficult to use because users struggle to secure two loose frames with a screen sandwiched in between.
How should mould and deckles be designed for beginners to easily grasp the frames together and take them apart?
I added handles and made the screens interlock.

Orthographic Plans

User Testing

Round 1 Feedback
  • It should be a higher fidelity model that is waterproof.
  • Interlocking frame was hard to take apart.
  • Screen could slide out on its own.
  • Orientation should be in landscape, not portrait.
Round 2 Feedback
  • “What if the handles were raised so that it would be easier to put down?”
  • The recesses between the frame handles make them easy to take apart.
  • It is an “easy process.”
Round 3 Feedback
  • The frames are easier to take apart when they’re dry.
  • When they’re wet, paper pulp gets between the handles, making it more difficult to take them apart.
  • “The process is intuitive.”

The Filyre Mould and Deckle

The Filyre Mould and Deckle improves upon existing Mould and Deckle design by including an interlocking frame, removable screen, and made of waterproof white oak. It is an innovative solution that introduces papermaking beginners to the centuries-old art of papermaking.